Recipe Index

• Quiches •  
Zucchini, ham & Gruyère quiche   
• Tarts •
Eggplant tart with sun-dried tomatoes & goat cheese
Asparagus and cheese tart
Zucchini tart
Eggplant tart with goat cheese & pine nuts
Parma ham & gorgonzola tart
Chicken & parma ham tart
Greek spinach pie
• Pizzas •
Classic pizza
• Bruschettas •
Tomato Bruschettas

Shrimp linguine
Whole wheat spaghetti with salmon
Pasta with tapenade
Spaghetti alla carbonara
Spaghetti Bolognese
Pasta salad
Penne all'arrabiata
Shrimp fra diavolo with pasta
• Lasagnas •
Lasagna bolognaise with ham & mushrooms
• Risotto •
Risotto with spinach & goat cheese
Prawn (shrimp) & pea risotto

Spanish tortilla
Chorizo tortilla
Frittata with potatoes & proscuitto
Wedge potatoes
Potato Lasagna
French potato gratin

Baked eggs with proscuitto & feta

• Beef •

Lebanese stuffed zucchini with rice and meat
Kebbeh bel sayniyye
Sfihas or lebanes meat pies
Aleppo Mortadella
Baked kefta with potatoes
Steak with mushroom sauce
Beef with asparagus & corn
Meatballs with tahini sauce

French hachis parmentier
Zucchini lasagna
Beef Stroganoff  
Meat pies or sambousek
Kebbe or lebanese meat balls
Pistachio meatballs with tahini sauce
Keftedes stuffed with cheese
Moussaka - the Greek way
• Veal •
Veal Saltimboccas

White veal stew
• Chicken •
Chicken breasts with almonds
Chicken breasts with sun-dried tomatoes
Oven roasted chicken thighs with potatoes & artichokes
Chicken breasts with parma ham
Chicken & halloumi skewers
Chicken with olives
Ricotta stuffed chicken breasts

Lebanese chicken with rice

Shish taouk - Grilled Chicken Kebabs
Chicken Provencal

Pasta salad
Goat cheese and walnut salad
Lebanese Tabbouleh
Salad with chicken & grilled pepper
Halloumi with lentil salad
Bulgur salad
Green beans salad
White bean tuna salad
Roasted artichokes & red pepper salad
Potato salmon salad
Bulgur salad with halloumi
Grilled corn & shrimp salad
Balila - Cumin chickpea salad
Chickpea salad with feta cheese

• Chickpeas •
Fatteh with chickpeas
Balila - Cumin chickpea salad
Hummus bi tahini
Chickpea salad with feta cheese
• Eggplant •
Eggplant millefeuille
Stuffed eggplants
Eggplant dip - Baba ghannouj

Eggplant balls - Polpette di melazane
• White beans •
White bean tuna salad
White beans with tomato sauce

White been dip with sesame
• Bulgur •
Bulgur salad with halloumi
Bulgur with asparagus
Bulgur salad
Bulgur with tomato
• Lentils •
Halloumi with lentil salad
Lentil pottage - Mjadra
Lentils with chard & lemon - adas bi hamood
Lebanese lentil-&rice-pilaf with blackened onions - Mdardara
• Green beans •
Green beans with tomatoes - loubiyé b zayt
Green beans salad
• Mixed vegetables •
Vegetarian paëlla
Vegetable gratin
• Zucchinis •
Stuffed zucchinis
• Quinoa •
Broccoli quinoa
Vegetable tuna quinoa
• Other •
Spinach brownies
Roasted brussel sprouts with gorgonzola
Stuffed vine leaves in olive oil
Okra with tomato sauce
Pumpkin kebbe shells / pie

Spinach turnovers
• Soups •
Red lentil soup
Cauliflower soup
Cream of winter squash soup
Lebanese lentil soup - adas bi hamood

Winter squash soup with lobster
Broccoli soup with sauteed mushrooms

• Cheese •
Cheese muffins
Apple & camembert millefeuille

• Sauce & dips • 
Toum - Lebanese Garlic sauce
Labneh with za'atar

Olive roll
Feta, zaatar & onion pies
Braided raisin brioche
Ham, cheese & sun-dried tomato bread
Brioche balls with raisins
Cinnamon and pecan buns
Foccacia with grapes

• Shrimp •
Sauteed shrimps with garlic & coriander
Grilled corn & shrimp salad

Shrimp fra diavolo
• Tuna •
Tuna steaks with coriander
• Salmon •
Potato salmon salad
• Scallop •
Baked scallops

• Other •
Spicy fish with tahini sauce - Samkeh harra

• Cakes •
Banana nut raisin cake
Date and banana cake
Banana chocolate chip cake
Moist chocolate cake
Tea bread
Apple cake

Traditional marble loaf cake
Pineapple upside down cake
• Cheesecakes •
Brownie cheesecake 
• Muffins •
Banana chocolate chip muffins
Orange date muffins
Blueberry bran muffins
• Deserts •
Chocolate fudge cake
Chocolate Fondant

Aria chocolate tart 
• Cookies •
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Brownie cookies
• Bars •
Cranberries & almond banana bars
Blueberry crumb bars

• French macarons •
Chocolate macarons
Vanilla & chocolate macarons
• Other •
Chocolate truffles

Caramel rice pudding
Chocolate Salami 
Ma'amoul - the middle-eastern pastry


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