Toum - Garlic Lebanese sauce

As I have promised you in the post of the shish taouk, here is the 'toum' recipe adapted from the blog This is a traditional Lebanese garlic dipping sauce that goes perfect with chicken and meat. I never made toum because doing it the standard Lebanese way was quite a workout on my mortar and pestle. When I saw Fouad's recipe, I said I should definitely try it, because it uses a blender and it really take 3 minutes. Here it is, we really enjoyed it with the shish taouk, so if you like garlic, don't wait to try it!!

5 cloves of garlic
1 egg white
1 cup of neutral oil (sunflower is fine)
Juice of 1 lemon
a good pinch of salt
1 cup of iced water of which you will use around 2 tbsp

Put the garlic cloves along with salt and 1/4 of the lemon juice in the blender. Blend on medium and scrape the sides down when the garlic goes flying everywhere. Add the egg white and blend on medium.
Add half the oil in bit by bit. A thin stream is not necessary, but don’t go crazy. A reasonable, fine, steady pour is good.

At this stage, the emulsification should have taken place. If it hasn’t and the sauce looks like it has split, then something has gone wrong. You may need to remove half the amount, add another egg white, whizz away and re-pour what had already split. But if you take it slow without pouring the oil too quickly, it should be fine.

Switch to a slow blend, and add the rest of the lemon juice in slowly too.
Add the rest of the oil in the same fashion.
Add 1 or 2 tbsp of water. You will see the consistency change into something wonderfully creamy and light.

Toum - Sauce à l'ail libanaise
5 gousses d'ail
1 blanc d'œuf
230 ml d'huile végétale
jus d'un citron
une pincée de sel
2 càs d'eau glacée

Mettez les gousses d'ail avec le sel et 1/4 de jus de citron dans le mixeur. Mélangez à vitesse moyenne et raclez les côtés vers le bas. Ajoutez le blanc d'oeuf et mélangez à vitesse moyenne.Ajoutez la moitié de l'huile petit à petit. Un mince filet n'est pas nécessaire. 
A ce stade
l'émulsion des ingrédients doit être assurée.

Passez à une vitesse lente, et ajoutez le reste du jus de citron lentement. Ajoutez le reste de l'huile de la même façon. Ajoutez 1 ou 2 c. à soupe d'eau. Vous verrez le changement de la consistence de la sauce.


  1. I will have to try this recipe as my husband and I are fans of garlics!

  2. Cherine,
    Thanks for your lovely comment dear.You have a splendid collection of recipes. Love the previous post on Kebab! I am so following you so I don't miss any of your fabulous creations.
    See soon
    Cool Lassi(e)

  3. Whoa does this sound awesome. I love yogurty garlic sauces like this!

  4. This looks wonderful and is a perfect accompaniment for grilled meat. I love your camera work. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. This look awesome Chicho, I love this type of sauce, cheers gloria

  6. Wonderful sauce. Full of flavor. Great photos, they jump off the page.

  7. Marhaba Chicho and thanks to you and Fouad I an adopting this version!

  8. Great sauce! I've grown to love Lebanese food since I moved in Montreal, but it seemed like it was too much trouble to make. Je vais sûrement l'essayer!

  9. I have always wanted to know how to make this sauce, love it!

    Great site and lovely recipes, will be visiting again.

  10. Love the garlic aroma....good dipping sauce for my prawn fritters

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad to have discovered yours, such an interesting cultural mix of foods - love it!

  12. Merci pour ton petit mot. Je découvre ton blog avec plaisirs..
    Ta sauce à l'ail doit être très bonne, j'ai l'habitude d'utiliser beaucoup d'ail normal car je suis dans la région Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur.
    Je note tout de suite cette recette.
    A très bientôt

  13. Ooooo, a wonderfully garlicky white mayonaisse. Looks yummy like everything else I've seen here since discovering your blog recently.

    Sincere thanks for sharing, Michelle down in NZ

  14. This is my first time visiting your blog. I'm so glad you left me a comment or I might never have found your blog. It is wonderful.

    The chicken is in the fridge marinating and we will have your Shish Taouk with garlic sauce for dinner tonight. Thank you.


  15. Chicho, this is an awesome sauce. Great photo!

  16. I have had this sauce many times at lebaneese places but couldnt figure out exactly what it was. Now that I know, I'm going to make some. Thanks for the recipe, I'm going to bookmark this.
    *kisses* HH

  17. Looks very creamy and delicious. I can imagine the lovely garlic flavour. Thanks for sharing, Cherine.

  18. what a fabulous sauce with garlic - wow! I need to try this asap!

  19. With garlic and lemon, I can't wait to try this.

    You have a great list of fabulous recipes--and beautiful pictures to accompany them. I'll be coming back to try some!

  20. Cherine, I love this garlic sauce, everytime that we get a roasted chicken at the local Libanese restaurant it always come with this sauce and I always wonder what is in it...thank you a bunch for the recipe :-)

  21. I love, love, love garlic so I know I would love this sauce.

  22. Hi Chicho! Interesting recipe and great pictures!

  23. Just saw this on another blog and until today never saw it at all. Looks like a great accompaniment to shish kebob.

  24. Chicho ! Merci pour ton message ! J'aime beaucoup les recettes que tu partages avec nous sur ton blog :) Keep it up !!

  25. Oh je crois que je vais revenir par ici assez souvent...c'est exactement la cuisine que j'aime!

  26. Originale cette mayonnaise avec du blanc d'œuf,je ne manquerais pas de l'essayer!!

  27. Intéressante cette sauce, légère et doit être forte au goût d'ail, avec quoi elle se sert stp?

  28. franchement ? ça donne envie d'essayer...Je ne suis pourtant pas très fan d'ail, mais je sens ici la légèreté de cette sauce, le "mousseux" et la finesse du citron...A suivre...Très belles photos et très joli blog bravo !!!

  29. Salut Houda, cette sauce tu peux la servir avec du poulet grillé ou de la viande grillée!

  30. Looks and taste nice. Only one question the egg white should be cold or at room temperature? Some guys replace the egg white with plain yogurt but taste different. With fish and a glass or two of white wine is super.

  31. Great recipe, just made it to accompany my Lemon-Garlic roasted Chicken Dinner. :) Thank you Chicho!

  32. Just made this along side grilled chicken and it was excellent. Great recipe and instructions thx. Im of syrian descent and i make a cream garlic similar but this is so much better


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  34. Great Piece!
    Your photo and its’ source have been featured on the World Food Guide website:


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