Lebanese Recipe Index

• Meat •
Lebanese stuffed zucchini with rice and meat
Kebbeh bel sayniyye
Sfihas or lebanes meat pies 

Aleppo Mortadella 
Meat pies or sambousek 
Kebbe or stuffed meat balls
Kafta kebabs
Sheikh el Mehshi - Lebanese stuffed eggplants 
Kafta in a tray - kafta bel sanniyeh  
Kibbe stuffed with cheese  
Lahm b'ajeen - lahmacun 
• Chicken •
Lebanese chicken with rice  
Shish taouk - Grilled Chicken Kebabs 
Chicken wings with pomegranate molasses
• Fish •
Spicy fish with tahini sauce - Samkeh harra 
Samkeh harra or spicy fish - another version  
Fish kibbeh - kibbit samak 
• Dips •
Hummus bi tahini
Eggplant dip - Baba ghannouj 
Toum - Lebanese garlic sauce 
Labneh with za'atar 
Chickpea and eggplant dip
Labneh balls 
• Salads •   
Lebanese Tabbouleh
Green beans salad
Lentil tabbouleh
Hindbeh - Dandelion with caramelized onions 
• Pies •
Sfihas or lebanes meat pies 
Feta, zaatar & onion pies
Meat pies or sambousek 
Spinach turnovers - Fatayer 
Kebbe or stuffed meat balls
• Chickpea •   
Balila - Cumin chickpea salad
Fatteh with chickpeas
Hummus bi tahini
• Lentils •   
Lebanese lentil-&-rice-pilaf with blackened onions - Mdardara
Lentil pottage - Mjadra
Lentil tabbouleh
• Eggplant & zucchinis & pumpkin •  
Stuffed eggplants
Eggplant dip - Baba ghannouj

Stuffed zucchinis
Pumpkin kebbe shells / pie 
• Beans & Bulgur •
White beans with tomato sauce
Bulgur with tomato
Stuffed vine leaves in olive oil
Braised okra with tomatoes
Green beans in olive oil - lubyi b zayt
• Soup •    
Red lentil soup
Lentils with chard and lemon - adas bi hamood
• Dessert •   
Ma'amoul - the middle-eastern pastry

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