Omelette roulade

Omelette is certainly the most common dish served in each household. It was one of my childhood favourite dish. Whenever I smelled my mother’s freshly cooked omelette, I would sneak into the kitchen and eat a few bites.

This roulade or roll up is a stuffed omelette with cream chesse, red peppers and rocket salad; a great make ahead appetizer!


For the omelette
6 large eggs
a pinch of paprika
salt & pepper
1 tbsp of olive oil

For the filling:
6 tbsp cream cheese, at room temperature
1 red pepper, julienned
a handful of rocket salad

Whisk the eggs, paprika, salt and pepper. Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a 12 inch diameter nonstick skillet. Pour the egg mixture into the pan and cook on medium heat till the underside of the omelette is slightly golden. Carefully flip the omelette over and cook the other side till done. Using a large spatula, trasfer the omelette to a large sheet of cling film. Let omelette cool completely.

When the omelette is completely cool. Spread the cream cheese over the omelette. Then arrange the rocket leaves in a single layer. Place the pepper juliennes in a single layer over the watercress layer.  Gently roll omlette. Wrap the omlette roll in cling film, gently but firmly. Place it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Place 6-8 tooth picks at regular intervals on the omelette roll. Using a sharp knife, cut in between each tooth pick, to get spiral shaped omelette pinwheels. Serve at room temperature.

Omelette roulée

Pour l'omelette
6 œufs
une pincée de paprika
sel & poivre
1 càs d'huile d'olive

Pour la farce:
6 càs de St Moret
1 poivron rouge, coupé en julienne
une poignée de roquette

Battez les œufs en omelette avec paprika, sel et poivre. Faites chauffer un filet d'huile d'olive dans une poêle antiadhésive à feu moyen. Verser la préparation aux oeufs dans la poêle chaude. Faites cuire juqu'à le dessus soit pris. Retournez l'omelette et laissez cuire quelques minutes. Débarrasser l'omelette sur un film alimentaire et laissez-la refroidir.

Une fois refroidie, tartinez l'omelette de St. Moret sur le dessus, déposez de la roquette en une seule couche puis déposez les poivrons coupés en julienne et roulez l'omelette sur elle-même, bien serré dans le film.  Réservez au frigo 30 min.

Enlevez l'omelette du film, et coupez-la en biseaux en déposant des piques en bois.


  1. What a perfect snack! On a sunny day like today, I would take them for a pic nic!

  2. I've also made a few variations of this dish and it is always as welcoming and delicious! Love this version, I'll have to give it a go :-)

  3. Beautiful! A perfect apperitive item.



  4. I bet these would make a splendid breakfast!

  5. your omelettes are very presentable.. so beautiful to be eaten.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photos and what a great idea. Another bookmarked.

  7. What a wonderful idea for a new way to serve an omelette! These little roll-ups would be wonderful with a salad or bowl of soup. Great idea, Cherine. I can't wait to make this for my family.

  8. Your omelette reminded me of the one my mother used to make with spinach and cheddar. I haven't made it in years, decades even. What a great meal! Lovely post.

  9. This is a such a great idea and the roulades looks delicious! They'd be wonderful for a special brunch too.

  10. I used to eat a lot of egg roulade when I was growing up, with many different kinds of filling. Yours look so refreshing !

  11. What a pretty way to prepare eggs. they usually look so lumpy an dumpy. I've got to try this!

  12. These would be great for a brunch party--or any party! The filling sounds delicious.

  13. What a gorgeous idea! Your photos are stellar as well.

  14. Those are so cool!! They look pretty too!

  15. Une belle recette aussi qui sent bon le presque printemps !

  16. Ca l'air tres appetisante. J'aime vos photos Passe une belle fin de semaine.

  17. Gorgeous looking roulade! Love how you use omelette to make this roulade.

  18. Yum! This looks awesome!! I wish I'd seen this yesterday, my friend and I were in dyer need of a good omelette!

  19. Beautiful... perfect for a weekend brunch

  20. Very fancy! Almost too pretty to be eaten :-]

  21. Great idea and gorgeous presentation. Might try these for Easter brunch!

  22. Beautiful, What a gorgeous snack! perfect for any occasion :)

    Have a good day,


  23. I love anything stuffed (roulade). Looks beautiful!

  24. This is a lovely dish. Simple, flavorful, and very healthy! I like that the omelet acts as a "sandwich" to the chevre and salad, omitting the need for bread (for those trying to avoid extra carbs). And your photography is fantastic!


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