Baked brie dip

If you love cheese, especially Brie cheese, then this is the ultimate treat for you. This baked hot gooey melted Brie cheese is a delicious hors-d'œuvre at any gathering. A melt-in-the-mouth taste sensation you will never forget.

I've been wanting to make baked brie ever since I spotted the recipe on white on rice couple. Believe me, this is one of the easiest and most irresistible appetizers. Last weekend, I hosted a small apéro for my friends and I was looking for a variety of dips and appetizers, and of course a great party does not begin without finger food.
Nothing better than some crowd-pleasing party friendly appetizers and dips to keep the conversation flowing and to create a casual, relaxing atmosphere.

It didn’t take me long to think of baked brie which, surprisingly, I have never made before though I have eaten and loved it many times. The addition of sun-dried tomatoes and garlic kicks up the flavor and adds a delicious twist.

Served with fresh warm baguette or crackers, this dip won't last long on a holiday table!

about 8-10 oz. (225-280 g) Brie
2 oz. (55 g) sun dried tomatoes packed in oil, chopped
2 medium garlic cloves, minced
1 heaping teaspoon of dried thyme or 3/4 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves
fresh cracked black pepper
Baguette or crackers

Preheat oven to 325ºF (160ºC).

Remove rind from Brie, then cut brie into cubes.

In small bowl, combine sun dried tomatoes, garlic, thyme, fresh cracked black pepper.

In baking dish, layer the base with about 1/3 of the sun dried tomato mixture, then top with 1/2 of the chopped brie. Repeat the layering until the top layer is the sun dried tomato mixture.

Allow the layering to at least reach the rim of the baking dish. The dip will melt down considerably.

Bake in oven for about 30 minutes, or until the brie completely melts and becomes bubbly. You may need to stir the dip one time, about 15 minutes into the baking to combine the layers.

Serve warm, with bread or crackers.

Brie fondant aux tomates séchées

225 à 280 g de Brie
55 g de tomates séchées conservées dans l'huile, coupées en dés
2 gousses d'ail, écrasées
1 càc de thym seché ou 3/4 càc de thym frai
poivre noir
Baguette ou crackers

Préchauffez le four à 160ºC.

Retirez la croûte du brie et détaillez-le en cubes.

Dans un bol, mélangez les tomates séchées, l'ail, le thym et le poivre.

Dans un plat de cuisson, disposez 1/3 du mélange tomates séchées, puis répartissez la moitié des cubes de brie. Répétez en terminant avec une couche de tomates séchées.

Enfournez 30 mn, ou jusqu'à ce que le fromage fonde complètement. Vous pouvez mélangez au bout de 15 mn.

Servez chaud, avec de la baguette ou des crackers.


  1. Oh, yummy! That is an awesome idea.



  2. Seeing this on a when I relentlessly remind myself of re starting my diet??? What the heck! I LOVE it !!!!

  3. tu me donnes envie de sortir vite acheter du brie

  4. Wow. I usually wrap mine in pastry and bake it. But I love the idea of the little crock and the SUN DRIED TOMATOES!

  5. Wow.. This dip looks great. I've never thought of making a dip this way.

  6. Beautiful. Just the thing I need to replace my melted Camembert on the bbq with in winter.

  7. Love the idea of brie & sundried tomatoes..gorgeous clicks

  8. This reminds me of the fondue-like Bouyiourdi us Greek enjoy...great use for bread.

  9. What an amazing combo! looks delicious!

  10. I love baked brie. This is a delightful version.

  11. This dip looks amazing!! I could just eat that with bread sticks all day long, hehe.

  12. Wow, this is certainly a fabulous little appetizer.

  13. Oh wow! Sometimes nothing is more satisfying than cheesy dip. And brie definitely never fails to please. This looks delicious and I can't wait to try it out!

  14. That looks amazing! I love brie and I will definitely try your dip. Hope you are having a wonderful week:)

  15. Superb dip, it will be a hit in my family :)

  16. Oh My! This looks like an awesome starter! Love Brie cheese and this mini cocotte is sooo cute!

  17. Amazing photos you took. The bread and cheese, all so very appetizing one could almost savor them. This i've got to try. Cheers!

  18. Oh my goodness.. I just found your site through a tweet and boy am I glad I headed over!! This is amazing.. brie is my favorite and warm? Good thing we're having a Christmas party soon :)

  19. these are my favorite kinds of foods-dips and cheese!

    i've never paired sundried tomatoes w/ brie. sometimes I bake brie en croute w/ honey, cranberries, and walnuts. that's yummy too. :D

  20. sounds like a delicious dip. I like th additon of the sun dried tomatoes.

  21. I like the dip, and its baked one, must try soon. Nice to have dropped here, lovely site. Best wishes.

  22. beautiful and refined. very nice! so fab to have found your blog through our fellow blogger Rosa! :)

  23. I have been dying to have a go at a baked Brie, this looks simple divine!

  24. What a great idea! I never thought you could use Brie like this, but sounds delicious!!


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